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These creative young filmmakers staged action-packed movies in their family rooms. In each, Pergo Outlast+ survived a full 24 hours after mom yelled "cut!"

Shark Bite

A brave police chief is ready to keep his town safe from a kid-eating shark. Nabbing it will take the help of a very grumpy boat captain. The shark is bigger than anyone ever expected, and someone might be lunch.

Finding Clownfish

Bibo’s dad wants to give him  space, but Bibo doesn’t have the maturity to stay out of trouble. The temptation to touch a toy boat is too much, and he gets kidnapped. Luckily, father and son will reunite in two hours.


Buck has been abandoned on a desert island for a very long time. But he’s finally made a raft that can take him back to civilization. On the way, he accidentally loses his best friend, a ball with a picture of a dog on it.

Pirates Yaaargh!

Captain Zack and his seafaring friend are playing a bit rough. But when a zombie pirate attacks, he gets the courage to save them both. To celebrate, both share special punch before a sugar rush kicks in.

Thinking about your own messy production on PERGO Outlast+? Try Vintage Pewter Oak as seen in our Pergo home movies. 

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