Cleaner. Because you live on your floors.

With the Pergo Defense+ antimicrobial innovation, floors get an extra level of protection. Microbes are actively attacked by the safe and effective agent embedded in these floors. So, you can rest assured knowing your floors are fighting the growth of mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

Defense+ waterproof antimicrobial technology makes these floors easier to clean and keeps them cleaner longer.

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Pergo Defense+ - Waterproof


Resists damage from spills, splashes and even pet accidents

Pergo Defense+ - Wear, Fade, Stainproof

Wear, Fade and Stainproof

Pergo floors look beautiful for years and years

Pergo Defense+ - Scratch, scuff and dent-resistant

Scratch, scuff and dent-resistant

A strong core and tough surface layer offer incredible durability