Installation is a Snap.

How easy is it to install Pergo floors? We're not saying your dog could do it, but with a little guidance, Pergo floors come together quickly and easily. It's simple — if you have opposable thumbs, anyway.

A Stack Of Beige Wooden Flooring Tiles

Easy to Install

Pergo floors are more than just beautiful and durable, they're also easy to install. Even if you've never installed a floor before, it's easy to put new floors in your home in less time with just a few simple tools. Pergo floors make it easy, because:

  • Pergo can be installed directly over most hard surface flooring
  • Pergo laminate and locking engineered planks simply click together. No glue, no nails, no mess!
  • Some Pergo laminate products feature attached underlayment
  • Pergo laminate and engineered flooring can be installed on any level of your home. Pergo hardwood must be installed above grade.
  • Pergo floors can be walked on as soon as they're installed
  • Only a few DIY tools are needed to install Pergo
  • No previous installation experience needed

Have it installed or do it yourself?

Do it yourself if:

  • You want to work at your own pace
  • You have tools on-hand or want to purchase tools
  • You want to save money on installation
  • You notice little things, like the direction of the grain
  • You need to channel your inner lumberjack!

Hire an installer if:

  • Using tools just isn't "your thing"
  • Your estimations are usually "close enough"
  • You'd rather wing it than read the instructions
  • You feel uncomfortable cutting planks
  • You're hoping your dog will help