Measure Your Room


Measure your room(s)

Measure the length and width of each room.

Wood Flooring Illustrating How to Measure Length And Width of Room
Length and Width Axis Illustration
Length and Width Axis Illustration At Furthest Points
For rooms with unconventional shapes or multiple corners, measure the length and width of the room at their farthest points.


Calculate the total square footage.

Find the online flooring calculator on the product page of each Pergo floor.

Calculate the total square feet of each room.

Example Illustration Calculating Square Footage of Room

Add 10% Waste Factor to the total square footage for each room.

Example Illustration Calculating Square Footage Waste Factor
A waste factor is the additional amount of flooring you'll need to cover errors, cutting waste and future plank replacement in the event of damage.

Divide the square footage by the number of square feet covered per carton of your selected floor.

Example Illustration Calculating Carton Quantity
Square foot coverage is indicated on each individual carton and may vary by decor.

In Pergo Hardwood: Pergo allows for 5% defect - chipped corners, knots, etc. per carton as per NWFA regulation.


Buy underlayment (if needed)

When floating a floor such as Pergo Max® engineered hardwood or Pergo Timbercraft® laminate floor, you'll need to purchase underlayment for installation. Pergo Gold is recommended.

You will also need to purchase a vapor barrier if you are installing over concrete. In this situation, we recommend a combination underlayment that includes a vapor barrier.

Pergo Gold Underlayment Packaging


Use the total square footage from your room measurement to calculate the total amount of underlayment needed for your project.

Example Illustration Calculating Underlayment Package Quantity


Finish moldings

Finish your floor with the appropriate moldings, transition and trim.

Wall Base Illustration
Quarter Round Illustration
Stair Nose Molding Illustration

Wall Base & Quarter Round

Determine the perimeter of your room.

Perimeter Calculation Illustration
Dimensions of moldings may vary.


Measure the width of each archway and doorway, and add together. Subtract the total of the doorway widths from the room perimeter to determine the total required length of molding.

Example Illustration Calculating Molding Length


Divide the total length by the length per piece of molding.

Example Illustrating Calculating Number Of Molding Pieces

Stair Nose Molding

Determine the length of stair nose molding needed for the stairs in your home.

Example Illustrating Calculating Total Length Of Stair Nose

Your Pergo retailer will be happy to help you with any estimates or calculations before you place your final order. Remember to download our Project Checklist.