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Color is one of the most important decisions you'll make when selecting your new floor. That's why we offer a variety of shades from bright lights to dramatic darks.


PERGO® premium decors feature unique surface textures that allow us to create the truest, most realistic look and feel of natural hardwood.


We offer planks in a variety of sizes and widths seamless transitions and easy installation.

Plank Width


We offer planks in a variety of thicknesses for durability and comfort.

Underlayment (Pad)

Our premium attached underlayment provides maximum sound reduction.


Every Pergo Floor is backed by an industry-leading, non-prorated warranty that ensures your peace of mind.


Pergo is pleased to have exclusive collections at Lowe's, The Home Depot and National Independent Retailers across the country.

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Natural Oak
Tidewater Oak
Regency Oak
Austin Oak
Williamsburg Oak
Lakeshore Pine
Butterscotch Oak
Antique Oak
Hayfield Oak
Historic Hickory
Ebonized Oak
Suffield Oak
Thoroughbred Oak
Charleston Oak
Whitewashed Oak
Boathouse Pine
Whiteside Pine
Whitewashed Pine
Driftwood Pine
Blush Oak
American Beech
Newland Oak
Satin Beech
Allendale Oak
Galveston Oak
Meadowbrook Oak
Heritage Cherry
Old Magnolia
Shayti Walnut
Medlin Oak
Brighton Walnut
Atlantic Maple
Cordovan Oak
Rustic Chestnut
Whitewashed Beech
Bombay Tulipwood
Mediterranean Kempas
Golden Bamboo
Mojave Mesquite
Natural Tigerwood
Australian Eucalyptus
Brazilian Cherry
Vera Mahogany
Burnished Fruitwood
Hampton Hickory
Moneta Mahogany
Ligoria Slate
Monson Slate
Alexandria Walnut
Sun Bleached Hickory
Bristol Chestnut
Highland Hickory
Haywood Hickory
Natural Ridge Hickory
Sugar House Maple
Grand Oak
Asheville Hickory
Vermont Maple
Kingston Cherry
Peruvian Mahogany
Hawaiian Curly Koa
Cross Sawn Chestnut
Hand Sawn Oak
Coastal Pine
Montgomery Apple
Emerson Maple
Bingham Cherry
Cortland Hickory
Eastern Bamboo
Striped Rosewood
Island Koa
Seagrove Pine
Walden Maple
Barclay Apple
Forest Pine
Sedona Oak
Zoo Friends
Mystic Oak
Linen Travertine
Fairview Pecan
Winchester Apple
Baldwin Hickory
Midland Pecan
Stafford Chestnut
Monterey Spalted Maple
Addison Hickory
Mill Creek Walnut
Homestead Oak
Golden Tigerwood
Burmese Rosewood
Natural Maple
Antique Natural Oak
Chocolate Oak
Outer Banks Oak
Slate Oak
Crossroads Oak
Ironmill Maple
Haley Oak
Smoked Hickory
Heron Oak
Weatherdale Pine
Riverbend Oak
Southern Grey Oak
Midtown Olive
Providence Hickory
River Road Oak