Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers here to frequently asked questions about PERGO® Laminate & PERGO Max® Hardwood floors. To receive additional information, contact us.

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What is PERGO?

Why PERGO vs. the competition?

How is Pergo laminate flooring constructed?

How easy is Pergo flooring to install?

In what rooms can I install Pergo floor?

Are there rooms that are inappropriate for a Pergo floor?

Can I install Pergo over concrete?

What are the elements of an ideal install location?

Can Pergo be easily repaired or replaced?

Where can I order flooring samples?

Are all Pergo designs offered at every Pergo retailer?

Can Pergo be installed in 3 season homes, where the home will not be climate controlled in the winter?

Can Pergo be installed in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Are Pergo floors suitable for wheel chairs or motorized chairs?

Do I need to use a vapor barrier on a concrete sub-floor?

What is the recommended expansion space for Pergo floors?

Can I use extra padding under my Pergo floors that have padding already attached to allow for more comfort underfoot?

I received my order from the retailer but some of the cartons or product in the cartons were damaged. What should I do?

Where can I find a Pergo Certified Installer?

Does Pergo provide moldings and transitions for its floors?

Do I need to install a molding for each door opening?

Over what types of existing floors can I install Pergo?

How do I clean and maintain my Pergo Floor?

How do I remove difficult challenging spots?

Is it possible to purchase flooring that's been discontinued from my retailer? Can I buy directly from Pergo?

I am not happy with my floor. How do I file a claim?

I have an old Pergo floor and the planks have numbers printed on the back. Can you tell me what the color or design this is?

Can I take a photo of my current floor and email it to you for identification?

Can I use a steam mop on my Pergo floors?

Will a warranty claim replace my damaged floor with the same product?

How can I protect my floor against pet accidents?

I have an exterminator coming to spray for bugs. Will their bug spray hurt my PERGO Max® Hardwood flooring?

Can I use the Shark Steam Cleaner on my Hardwood Flooring?

What is the make-up of PERGO engineered hardwood floors?

What should I put on my chair legs to avoid scratching?

What underlayment should I use for my PERGO Hardwood Flooring?

Can I install PERGO Locking Hardwood Flooring in wet areas?

Are Pergo and Lumber Liquidators the same product?

Where are Pergo floors manufactured?

When will you stop distributing products that are manufactured in China?

Is Pergo Safe?

Why is formaldehyde used in Pergo floors?

When will you remove formaldehyde from your products?

Is Pergo manufactured safely?

How do we know that Pergo is not doing the same thing Lumber Liquidators did?

We have Pergo flooring manufactured before 2012. Should we be concerned about formaldehyde levels?