Why genuine Pergo® floors?

Because not all floors are created equal

Over 35 years ago we invented the laminate floor and we've been creating innovative flooring ever since. We're constantly developing beautiful, easy-to-install floors with superior surface wear and scratch protection. That might be why we're considered the most preferred consumer brand.

As the largest US laminate flooring manufacturer and a producer of premium hardwood floors, we take pride in producing unsurpassed products backed by superb warranties and unmatched customer service. You can find our products at home improvement stores and in more than 5,000 specialty retailers in North America.

There's only one Pergo.

History of Pergo®

  • Stensmölla Kemiska Tekniska Industri

    Pergo's original parent company, Stensmölla Kemiska Tekniska Industri, is founded, as a refiner of beech wood in the forests of southern Sweden.

  • Perstorp Industrial Group

    Perstorp Industrial Group starts producing a new material–laminated boards for use in radios.

  • Perstorp AB Acquires AB Tilafabriken

    It's a new day in Trelleborg, Sweden. Perstorp AB acquires AB Tilafabriken and the acquisition leads to new technology and the ability to refine laminate into countertops, windowsills and more.

  • Origins of the Laminate Flooring Idea

    Laminate flooring concept was devised during a brainstorm session.

  • Manufacturing Begins

    The first laminate flooring rolls off the line.

  • Laminate Flooring in Sweden

    Perstorp Golv GL80 becomes the first laminate flooring sold in Sweden.

  • Marketing Success

    The Swedes start marketing and sales take off.

  • First Factory

    Trelleborg, Sweden becomes the home of the world's first laminate flooring factory.

  • First Patent Filed

    Pergo applies for its first patent on the process for the production of abrasion-resistant laminate flooring. Patent later granted in 1990.

  • Pergo

    Pergo Original brand introduced.

  • Patent Filed

    Pergo files its first patent application for the End-Block Matching technology. Patent later granted in 1996.

  • Pergo in America

    America is floored as Pergo starts marketing laminate flooring in the U.S.

  • Pergo on the Move

    Sales increase in Asia and the Pacific.

    The technology for achieving unsurpassed scratch resistance is invented.

    An patent application for glueless tight joint technology is filed and later granted in 2000.

  • Garner, North Carolina

    Garner, North Carolina welcomes the first US factory.

    Another patent application: for embossed-in-register technology and is later granted in 1997.

  • Pergo Commercial

    Pergo goes commercial with the launch of a high-quality commercial grade product in the US called Pergo Publiq.

  • Patent Filed

    Pergo files its first patent applications for the separate joining elements technology. Patent later granted in 2004.

  • Pergo® Introduces New Collections

    Pergo Living, Pergo Select®, Pergo Expressions and Pergo Preferred.

    First patent applications for vertical push/fold down technology and digital printing technology filed. Patents granted in 2001 and 2005, respectively.

  • Name Change

    From Perstorp Flooring to Pergo, Inc. (an acronym of Perstorp Golv)

    Additional product collections are introduced.

  • US Manufacturing Expands

    Pergo appears on the Swedish Stock Exchange.

    New collections are added as the US manufacturing capacity expands in Garner, North Carolina. Pergo also launches products with patented Smartlock glueless mechanical joints.

  • New Collections are Added

    Pergo Paradigm® and Pergo Accolade® launch.

    A new distribution facility is constructed.

  • PERGO® Signature is introduced at Lowe's

    Pergo Signature is launched.

  • New Plant Built

    Pergo builds the Four-in-One molding plant in Garner, North Carolina.

    The collections Pergo American Cottage®, Pergo Casual Living®, Pergo Vintage Home® and Pergo Hardwood are introduced to the North American marketplace.

  • New Collections Added

    The manufacturing plant in Garner, North Carolina keeps getting bigger.

    Pergo Vintage Home Traditional Strip, Pergo Accolade Tiles and Pergo Everyday® are launched.

  • New Collections Added

    Exotic collections of Pergo Global Passage® and Pergo World Traveler® are introduced.


    Pergo is acquired by Pfleiderer AG. Pergo Prestige is introduced along with the "THERE'S ONLY ONE PERGO®" campaign.

  • Lowe's and The Home Depot

    Pergo Max® at Lowe's and Pergo XP–Extreme Performance® are introduced at The Home Depot.

  • Moldings at The Home Depot

    Pergo branded moldings are introduced at The Home Depot.

  • Pergo Acquired by Mohawk Industries

    Pergo joins some of the best brands in the marketplace as part of Mohawk Industries, a leading global flooring manufacturer that creates product to enhance residential and commercial spaces around the world.

  • Introducing Pergo Hardwood

    Pergo launches a line of engineered hardwood floors, which combines the beauty of real wood with Pergo's signature durability.

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